Short story

We have a task that we have to complete we have to make a short story based on one of  the Harris Burdick photos and we had to include the tittle the captain and all the things we see. Mine was called the seven chairs the caption said the fifth one ended up in France. Here it is

                                                                               The seven chairs 

 Ten years ago, the first ‘Librarian’ that Pickle Vill ever had was a man and his name was Harris Burdick. Seven chairs filled his office where he had attached a rope on each one. He always said that one day he would leave Pickle Vill for a place where the grass and trees were in the clouds and the sky was on the floor. Everyone laughed and ignored strange old Harris… But  one day while lighting his fire …he disappeared into thin air. The people of Pickle Vill always wondered if he ever made it to the magical place he talked of…


Swish! The wind blew against the houses. There were heavy clouds above, it was going to be a rainy week. It had to be! The dark, heavy clouds had hovered for weeks. The whole town thought it and felt it in their bones. Everyone except the nuns, all seven of them, actually. They were the only ones that didn’t think so. They were quite right it didn’t rain in Pickle Vill. It never rained on cursed places.


…But then it happened again ten years later…


The storm clouds filled the sky again but Kaite Burrows knew the rain would not fall. There had been another disappearance but this time she had seen it!.! Something strange happened, something no one thought would happen when you set books on fire…  The Librarian disappeared into thin air leaving nothing. No note, no books, nothing.

It was the second librarian they had that week and the seventh they had that year. They were starting to disappear quicker. It was very odd that all the librarians had either gone missing or jumped into the fireplace. That was why Kaite decided to investigate. The seven nuns who all were very superstitious thought that this was no coincidence the librarians and the library were cursed. That was why they had called Kaite. 


The nuns spoke directly and honestly with Kaite. Mongo, the head nun, quietly started, “There was a legend that if you tied all the ropes on the chairs together it would lead to  the meg meg.” All of the nuns looked terrified 

“All the librarians have gone missing! We have to find them. I can’t believe people are pretending to be in SOOS… it’s our organization after all,” said Mongo looking at the 

other nuns.  

Kaite had heard enough. The SOOS was a myth, it was not real! “So, Kaite you’re probably thinking right now that the SOOS isn’t real but it is real it’s just it’s our organization.” said Mongo.  


The day he vanished they searched his office and found a letter from no other than the Blacksmith. He actually was in a secret organization called Soos witch stands for secret organization of spies..


A few weeks later Kaite Burrow revealed herself to be a member of the Soos. She announced to the town almost forcefully,

 “I got a letter from cucumber island that said that they wanted to trade money for the meg meg ”. The sheriff immediately said, 

“No this is like last year cucumber island sent a message like this to try to scare us and give up our meg meg be only the librarian fell for it it was Harris Burdick. He tried so hard to make us give it up but the town thought better so we will think better this time”.


The nuns knew they must investigate to find out what is happening.

So the seven nuns went to the seven chairs and found that they were tied together so they all sat down confused . Then out of nowhere the ropes started to tie themselves around the nuns and started shooting them around the globe the first one landed on a dock the second landed in an art store the third landed in Paris the forth landed in Montana. The fifth one ended up in France! Sixth and seventh both landed in the middle of Texas. The world thought this was an outrageous catastrophe. No one could get them down. Kaite took this upon herself to get them down and to figure out what is happening to all the librarians. She started asking people if they had seen anything weird happening lately there was one guy who said that he had seen someone going into the back of the library and snach the librarian, 

“then he lifted the lid of the barrel and jumped in. I was in shock. I waited a couple of minutes then peeked in and looked into it and saw that it led to an underground tunnel and then my wife called me in for dinner,” gasped the man. Kaite went to the barrel she thought she heard someone talking. She wondered if the librarians were in there. She slowly opened the lid and saw!!!……..


                                                            To be continued


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