Breaking news

Hi! I’m back for class we had to choose a country and a natural disaster. I chose India and earthquakes. Here is my news report explaining earthquakes in India hope you like it.

Lab Report – Structures and forces

We made a 2 story structure and chose a natural phenomena and tried to make it withstand it.   Hypothesis: it will stand    Materials:   clay  popsicle sticks cardboard thin strip cardboard tape   Procedure:  first, stick the clay to the floor   form walls with 30 popsicle sticks sticking into the clay wrap the Read More…

Poison dart frogs

We made a project about an endangered species I chose a poison’s dart frog it needed to include two types of propaganda.  


We had to choose one country or state and look up what happens to the houses when natural disasters.

Twenty years from now

Twenty years from now I think a lot would be different here are a few things I think would be realty . I would live on a farm and on the farm there would be a Vet . Me and my two best friends who I met in kindergarten they are twin sisters and we Read More…


We hade to make slide shows on natural phenomena here it is . Ours was Tsunami.  

Short story

We have a task that we have to complete we have to make a short story based on one of  the Harris Burdick photos and we had to include the tittle the captain and all the things we see. Mine was called the seven chairs the caption said the fifth one ended up in France. Here Read More…

Hoot Descriptive Task

We had to re write a paragraph from hoot but with a snowy scenery with with one simile five aspects of sensory adjective one onomatopoeia and one personified object.    It was a very cold night Roy felt surprised  there was snow every were the wind pressed against Roy’s cheek. The wind howled as the Read More…

Online Hebrew

When we are learning online, hebrew is one of the harder lessons. Learning a language you don’t know online is really hard. When you’re at home learning, you want to be with your family more but sometimes my break will end when their break will start. It’s much easier to work in a workbook other Read More…