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The verb Faire

This is what I know about the verb faire .I learned  in madam Sylvie class My worksheet on faire is here . The conjugation of faire  Je fais tu fais il -elle- on fait nous faisons vous faites ils elles font Here is a short video


Nerve cells  1.Every human body contains billions of nerve cells. 2.There are around 100 billion nerve cells in just your brain. 3.Nerve cells are the smallest nerve in the nervous system. 4.Some people think the nerve cell looks like a tree. 5.The nerve cells in your body  are as small as 0.1 millimeter long . … Continue reading Cells

Octopus fun facts


Lots of people think octopus are underwater aliens but they are actually brilliant animals.

Each octopus has about 280 suckers on its body. Octopus have brain cells in their legs it as if each leg can sense if prey is near and move the body to it . Octopus can give off poisonous gas that can make animals suffocate to death. They can even kill the octopus and suffocate it to death. The biggest octopus is 30 feet and 600 pounds. Octopus also have three hearts . They are also boneless so they can fit  through things . These are also the facts for my genius hour of making octopus out of femo clay.