Twenty years from now

Twenty years from now I think a lot would be different here are a few things I think would be realty . I would live on a farm and on the farm there would be a Vet . Me and my two best friends who I met in kindergarten they are twin sisters and we would work at the vet as veterinarians . We would each have two dogs and we would have hurt animals living on the farm . We would dedicate our lives to helping animals. I definitely want kids I wouldn’t want to be to far from my mom. I love her and I think I would miss her to much.

We would have a big van it would be like an ambulance but for animals it would be so much fun. We have been trying to make a logo but we don’t have one yet. The logo would be on the van and the Vet. There is a movie on Netflix called ” The biggest little farm ” I want our farm to be like that.  My mom is not a fan of having pigs but I love pigs I don’t know why . I love farms and especially the horses. That is what I think life will be like for me in twenty years.





1 thought on “Twenty years from now

  1. What a great plan for the next 20 years! I hope you do wind up becoming a veterinarian with your oldest friends. And I am sure that your Mom will appreciate you wanting to stay close by.

    I wish I had done this when I was your age! I am 100% sure that I would have FAILED to predict my future. Hopefully you are a better fortune teller.

    Keep up the great work!


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